Plants occupy a special place in our lives. We have all felt uplifted by the fragrance of a rose, a walk through a poppy field, or the magic of a forest after rain. As global and local ecology become ever more pressing issues, many of us are increasingly aware of how much we depend on the plant world to sustain us.

Plants have always provided us with the raw materials for shelter, transport, clothing, tools,and traditionally, utensils, and have occupied a central place in mythology and religious ceremonies.They are the source of the food we enjoy, the air we breathe, and for thousands of years have given us herbal medicines with a myriad of therapeutic qualities.

Move towards Herbal Therapy

Despite the move in the nineteenth century toward technological medicine and the use of sophisticated drugs, traditional plant remedies still provide about 85% of the world’s medicines. Ancient traditions of medicine, with an energetic perception of the whole person, and systems of healing that utilize plant foods and medicinal herbs, have survived thousands of years and are as valuable as they ever were.

The recognition of their worth is increasing widely as many people seek a greater understanding of themselves – body, mind, and spirit – and thereby assume more responsibility of their own well-being. People are looking for safe, effective, and time-proven alternatives to the modern approach to medicine, with its emphasis on compartmentalizing the body and its symptoms, and symptomatic relief employing largely synthetic drugs. Herbal medicines have soared in popularity and the idea that herbs are synonymous with everything natural and healthy is well established.

Why Herbal Therapy?

Herbal therapy addresses the fundamental concepts of health. Central to herbal philosophy is recognition of the existence of the Vital Force – that energy that flows throughout nature and gives life. Essential to life is the ability to maintain homeostasis – inner balance (of, for example, blood sugar levels, temperature, fluid balance, chemical composition of the blood, and respiration rate) despite constantly varying externals, and to heal ourselves when this balance is disrupted. This innate wisdom, which permeates our every dimension, is the energy of the Vital Force – named in Hindu culture as Prana and Qi (or Chi) in traditional Chinese.

Humans and plants have coexisted and our bodies are well adapted to metabolize plant constituents as they occur in nature. Our harmonious relationship with the plant world, enlivened by the same life force, is illustrated by the ability of herbs to provide us with the perfect medicines for so many of our ills.

Doctor Nature’s Solutions:

We here at Doctor Nature have brought together the knowledge gained from ancient times and that from modern discoveries to create products using unique blends of 20 selected herbs. The herbs have been nurtured grown organically in our farms. The fresh high altitude Himalayan mountain air helps in enriching the flavor and properties of the selected herbs.

All our products have been created using these 20 selected herbs.