Doctor Nature Group of Industries is a Nepal based Herbal Research and Herbal Product Development industry.


While it is important to provide symptomatic relief for ailments, it is at all times essential to address the underlying disturbances. With this understanding, Doctor Nature formulates a herbal prescription and counsel as to life-style, thereby assisting the person’s journey of change and self-healing.

Corp Mantra:

We provide lay people with sufficient information to prescribe herbs for themselves and to others, to redress their common ailments, either beforehand or once the symptoms have emerged and a “diagnosis” established. Herbal medicines, when properly used, are gentle, safe, and effective. They have the benefit of millennia of human experience to verity their effects and efficacy.

We have great products to sell, and a simple system to follow. We research and develop each of our exclusive products from initial concept to final product. Through research in our botanical gardens, we know the types of environment, soil and weather that will produce the best quality herbs for our herbal products.


Doctor Nature owns and operates modern manufacturing facilities in Kathmandu. We have farms in Bhaktapur, where our primary research and production unit is based, and in the Terai region. We employee 25 permanent employees, exclusive of the employment opportunities for the locals who make about 200 in farms.

Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives by creating a sense of concern for healthy life-style by directly and indirectly educating them about Herbs and building up that confidence through practise of Herbal Products in daily-to-day life.