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Vision of Naturalist and Herbalist Dr. Uttam Lamichhane

Natropathy is am age. Old Treatment that users the pure extracts of plants to heal comman ailments and restore emotional balace. A with to return to a simpler, more natural lifestyle has led to nenwwed interest in this highly versatile therapy. Here qualified naturest Dr. Uttam appropriated to represent their bucess in caring illness with Nepal's healing herbs.

A Naturalist Tour Guide in his earlier life Dr. Uttam Lamichhane decided to dedicate the rest of his life to Herbs when he eventually realized the long lost forgotten values of Herbs in the modern Nepali culture and evolving generation. More and more people are spending their money and resources making themselves unhealthy first and then trying to find a cure for the rest of the life.

Dr. Lamichhane himself was a victim of such a falsified world of treatment where he lost a huge amount of time, energy, money and still health didn’t improve. Thus, he was seriously involved in Herbs and eventually ended up studying Naturopathy in California, USA and India. He has been practising Naturopathy for last 11 years.

A wish to return to a simpler and more natural life-style has led to a revised and renewed interest in this versatile holistic approach comprising various therapies. Dr. Lamichhane, convinced himself, has a conviction and commits to his patients with incurable and chronic diseases. With his holistic approach into body, mind and spirit he can cure almost any chronic and incurable disease through a combined means of Naturopathy, Herbal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Diet, Yoga and Music.

It is no wonder the vision and direction of Dr. Uttam Lamichhane is appropriated to represent Herbs’ success in a holistic approach to the well being of mind, body and spirit.

This is a remarkable difference one man is trying hard to make.

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